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Peace says "The Battle of Football Stars gets fierce after the transfer window closes. Who will get your bet?"Details

Peace says "FansReact over Community Shield - Arsenal vs Chelsea."Details

Peace says "Romelu Lukaku moves to Man Utd. In his words, he loves Man Utd because they've got a history and great players"Details

Peace says "Manchester United targets Nemanja Matic in the next season. Although the season isn't in session, this is the period Clubs go hunting and poaching for the best players to join their squad."Details

Peace says "Top 5 Transfer News. The battle for the highest bidders on players has begun. May the richest bidder win!!!"Details

Peace says "Bayern Munich - Bundesliga Champions"Details

Peace says "Who would have thought Arsenal would win against all odds. Congratulations GUNNERS."Details

Peace says "John Terry takes his Hollywood exit as Chelsea emerge as Champions for the 5th time in the Premier League!!!"Details

Peace says "To all those fans with the BLUE blood, this one's for you!!!"Details

Peace says "He is arguably the greatest footballer in the world today. Do you agree? Yes/No (If No, who is)"Details

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